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How to Do Counted Tapestry Instructions

Step 1

Find the centre of your canvas by folding it in half and half again.

Step 2

The centre of the graph is marked with arrows. The centre square on the fabric is then matched to the centre square on the graph. This is the best starting point for the design to ensure the design is central on your canvas.

Step 3

Use two equal lengths of wool to sew the half stitches.


The stitches are made by working entire rows of half cross stitch.


Step 4

When the design is completed place your work facedown on an ironing board, lay a cloth over the back to protect your work and gently iron on a cool setting and carefully pull back into shape.

Jans Tips

1. Regularly let the thread on the needle unwind to avoid knotting as you sew. By letting the needle and thread dangle it will naturally unwind.

2. Jan recommends that you don't use knots to secure your thread:
a. When strating to stitch leave 5cm of thread at the back of your canvas and work it into the back of the following stitches. (See fig. c)
b. To finish off, weave a short length through the back of 6-7 stitches at the back of your work then cut thread (See fig. d)


3. Do not pull threads through too tightly or too loose. The stitch should sit relaxed and even out the canvas.

4. If this is your first stitch project we recommend that you practise on a small corner of your canvas. You may also find it useful to know that you are using a 7 holes per inch canvas, this will help you to check you have the correct tension as you sew.

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